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Lazure Painting & Fine Art by Robert Logsdon

Learn more about Lazure painting (interiors), Robert's work, and find out how you can purchase a painting or get an estimate for your interior space!

Friends and Colleagues of Robert Logsdon,

Robert passed away peacefully at home Sunday, January 22. We are grateful to his many loved ones and friends for visiting and supporting him in these past few months. Seeing you all truly lifted his spirits. We take solace in the knowledge that he was loved and respected by so many and is now with the Lord. His life's work as an artist in lazure and canvas painting helped create healing living environments in homes, schools, hospitals, and therapeutic centers across the country. Feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts via the contact link below.




Lazure is layers of paint prepared nearly as thin and transparent as watercolor, consisting of water, binder, and pigment. It is applied with a rhythmical movement using large brushes. The final color is achieved using varied colors applied in several layers, over a white surface. Light passes through these thin layers of color and is reflected back, giving a pure color experience.
Flat, monotone colors are tiring on the eyes while color with variation of hue and tone stimulate and balance the activity of the eyes. The lazure method offers a creative and conscientious use of color that provides nourishment for the eye and the soul. It can achieve aesthetically beautiful results and act as a powerful healing influence amid the stress and tension of modern life. Lazure painted walls have enlivened many schools, as well as offices, restaurants, residences, curative and medical establishments and places of worship.

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